This is how we ensure that everything runs smoothly

Our quality assurance process

Our quality manager inspecting a titanium product.

Our quality management for the highest demands.

Titanium is used in sensitive industries such as medical technology and aviation where absolute reliability and precision are essential. The manufacturing process of titanium is very demanding, from melting to forging. Each step is subject to careful monitoring as part of our Quality assurance to ensure that the products meet the specified requirements. This meticulous approach is essential for the production of high-quality end products.

Our companies and production processes have also been independently tested and confirmed for quality as part of certification procedures.

DIN EN 9120:2018

Our standardized supply chain meets the international standard DIN EN 9120:2018 which is specifically geared towards applications in the aerospace industry, The latter, by the way, is of particular importance to the city of Bremen.

Internal quality management

Beyond these certifications our internal quality management system guarantees efficient process control, increases product quality, ensures compliance with legal requirements and allows us to adapt to dynamic market requirements.

An insight into our work

Deeply rooted in trade.

Historically speaking, trading titanium is in our genes and our first experience dates back all the way to the 1950s. Today, our business areas range from providing raw titanium and titanium alloys to forging customized products for specific requirements.

Thanks to a standardized supply chain and many years of experience in the field of titanium trade we guarantee not only products of outstanding quality, but also flexible and reliable fulfillment of individual customer requirements. What's even more important to us: Talking and meeting on an equal footing.

View of our titanium warehouse.

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