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Wally, the deep-sea robot, was developed by OceanLab at Jacobs University Bremen. It is part of a deep-sea observatory that was developed by the IRCCM research association for the exploration of the geology and ecology of the seafloor and for earthquake monitoring or monitoring of offshore systems in the natural oil and natural gas industries.

It was given its name by Canadian scientists who named him after the Disney character Wall-E. The robot is equipped with a webcam for optical orientation and a measurement system for temperature, pressure, currents, salt content, methane concentration and turbidity.

We supported this project with the provision of specialist titanium parts and the construction of the titanium chassis. This material is extremely resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for use in the aggressive environment on the seafloor. Wally has been working and transmitting its data around the clock reliably since September 2009. The use of titanium has guaranteed the reliability and resilience of this project.
It is the first deep-sea robot that can be controlled directly via conventional Internet connections. This means that scientists can log into the system regardless of the time or their location and can call up video images and measurement data. The vehicle and the camera can both be controlled using the mouse.
The project was introduced at Oceans 2009 in Bremen

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